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Tripleplay’s Digital Signage and IPTV Platform has been selected by Universities, Enterprise, Sports Stadia, Councils, Retailers, Governments, Military, Maritime, Hospitals and Hotels across the globe, find out why.

Leading the industry in delivering IPTV and video to mobile

Tripleplay Mobile Media App (MMA); our platform’s native app for IPTV, VOD, upload, secure download, messaging, chat, on and off network video streaming for Android and iOS.

AV/IT Solution for IPTV and Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage and IPTV has up to 4K resolution,  native touchscreen functionality, event triggers, authenticated webpage support, workflow management, server clustering and failover and is video wall compatible,.

The Leading AV/IT Solution for Digital Signage, IPTV & Video Streaming

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

World-class Digital Signage with integrated IPTV platform, supports up to 4K resolution, touchscreen, event triggers and a variety of other features.

Media Video Player

Media Video Player

Deliver secure and encrypted IPTV streams, VOD content, music and PDFs direct to PC, Mac and Thin Client desktops via our desktop app; the MVP.


IP Television (IPTV)

Enterprise level IPTV, includes IT security encryption and delivery to mobile devices, clustering, failover and mobile device delivery.

Mobile Media App

Mobile Media App

Available for Android and iOS, allows media delivery for online and offline viewing, chat, forms, feedback and streaming of live IPTV content.

HD Encoder

Tripleplay HD Encoder

100ms latency, as low as 350ms glass-to-glass; Tripleplay Low Latency HD Encoder is a world-class video streaming tech for IPTV.

Interactive IPTV Portal

Interactive IPTV Portal

Deliver IPTV, VOD content, BYOD, BYOC, PMS integration and many other features using our Interactive IPTV Portal.

The leading single platform solution for
Digital Signage, IPTV & Video Streaming


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Featured – Daytona International Speedway®

Digital Signage UK

Fan Experience

Daytona International Speedway has invested in world-class IPTV and Digital Signage technology to deliver an improved fan experience, ensuring all 101,000 seats and 150,000 spectators never need to miss a moment of the action.

Fan Engagement

Delivery of in-house media content, promotion, digital menus and live IPTV streams has helped improve fan engagement.

Simple to Operate and Support

Using Samsung SSP digital signage screens, the Tripleplay solution has proven incredibly simple to implement and support physically, whilst its easy-to-use back-end management interface makes fault resolution and identification much easier.