Tripleplay & Amino Set Top Boxes

Encrypted and secure enterprise IPTV and Digital Signage

Working in partnership for over a decade, Tripleplay’s platform has developed alongside Amino’s set top box (STB) hardware, delivering secure, robust and reliable digital signage and IPTV solutions for clients across the world. 

Amino’s STB range has evolved to incorporate full UHD 4K/HEVC, power over ethernet (POE) and built-in storage, with its onboard processors capable of delivering content from Tripleplay’s CMS platform as both Digital Signage and IPTV and as an Interactive IPTV Portal with VOD.

Amino STB

Supported Amino devices

iptv set top box

Amino A150
1080p Video
1080 Graphics
Memory (RAM): 1GB DDR3
180mm x 134mm x 48mm

Amino H150

Amino H150
1080p Video / 1080 Graphics
Memory (RAM): 1GB DDR3
102mm x 97mm x 44mm
Power over Ethernet (POE)

Want to see for yourself?

Tripleplay’s Digital Signage software platform on Amino Set Top Boxes delivers market leading features and flexibility, if you would like a demonstration of our integration get in touch or download our Digital Signage overview brochure.

Amino Set Top Box

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