TripleSign CMS & LG webOS

Tripleplay's digital signage CMS and IPTV headend with LG webOS System-on-Chip technology
Combine the flexibility of Tripleplay‚Äôs industry leading IPTV headend and Digital Signage CMS platform delivered to the popular LG webOS system-on-chip platform. Integration with the LG webOS 3.0 and 3.2 platform adds even greater flexibility to future and existing installations of Tripleplay’s single platform IPTV and Digital Signage solution, creating greater choice for the end user and driving innovation for the integrator.

Supported LGwebOS versions

BrightSign LS423
BrightSign XD Series
LG webOS 3.0 & 3.2 1080p Graphics Up to 4K UHD /HEVC Video Full Tripleplay CMS feature compatibility

Want to see for yourself?

Tripleplay’s Digital Signage CMS software platform on LG webOS delivers market leading features and flexibility, if you would like a demonstration of our integration get in touch.

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