TripleSign Digital Signage

Native IPTV, touchscreen compatible, workflow management, supports Samsung SSP, event triggers

Flexible, cost effective, feature rich and world-class

Digital Signage is the perfect way to deliver communications and advertising within any organisation, giving real time access to content and a more engaging platform for the audience to interact with.

Spirit of Tasmania Digital Signage

Tripleplay’s TripleSign platform is a feature rich solution that has been adopted by thousands of clients across the globe within industries including banking, finance, legal, enterprise, government, maritime, sports, arena, healthcare and hospitality.

Our platform has a wide array of features including dual video/TV windows in Digital Signage layouts, event triggers, integrated Workflow Management system, native IPTV solution – TripleTV, built-in Content Management System, Interactive Touchscreen capabilities, Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) integration and its own content creation software.

While there are a number of solutions for delivering digital signage to the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), Tripleplay is the world’s first Digital Signage solution to also deliver IPTV to the SSSP using Lync DRM security.This means that your deployment does not need external set top boxes or digital signage players when delivering to the Samsung SSP range; saving on cost and delivery complexity.

SSSP delivery is also available on our hosted digital signage platform.

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Essential Features

  • Image Upload (JPG, Animated GIF, PNG)
  • Video Upload
  • Calendars
  • Clocks, RSS, Rich Media
  • HTML
  • Scheduling, Zoning, Playlists
  • 720p or 1080p Resolution
  • Content Creation Software
  • Content Management System

Standard Features

  • All Essentials features
  • Native IPTV Integration
  • Channel Change in Signage
  • 4k Compatibility
  • Touchscreen Integration
  • User Management
  • Samsung SSP Compatibility
  • Dual Video Window

Enterprise Features

  • Event Triggers
  • Workflow Management System
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration
  • SAML Integration
  • SharePoint/VLE Integration
  • Redundancy and Failover

Case Study: Edgbaston Stadium

Find out how Edgbaston Stadium has used digital signage to maximise fan engagement, advertise and communicate with its spectators.


Tripleplay’s Digital Signage software platform is delivered in a variety of ways;

  • Set Top Box – Amino
  • System on Chip – Samsung SSP, LG webOS*
  • Advanced PC Player – Intel NUC, NEC OPS Skylark i3-6100E
  • 4K – Shuttle PC Player, Amino

*Coming in 2017.

Tripleplay Delivery Hardware