Technology at the forefront of guest experience at Signature Lux by Onomo Hotels

Signature Lux hotel by ONOMO Hotels is designed to provide guests with a consistent service and a luxurious feel at an
affordable price. Its Cape Town hotel boasts 87 rooms, an express check-in/check-out service and a luxury restaurant.

Signature Lux faced the challenge of trying to embrace the demands of the modern traveller and to keep up with the fast-growing technology industry. Paul Kelley, owner and developer at Signature Lux explains, “Twenty years ago, staying in a hotel was a treat. Today, you now have more in your own home than you do in a hotel, and that’s what we wanted to change.”

Signature Lux’s objectives were to create a first-class technological experience for guests, to give them freedom of choice to watch what they want and to provide in-house technology that no other hotel in the region can offer, attracting guests from around the globe.

Working with leading IT project management company, Bright Horse, Signature Lux selected Tripleplay’s Digital Signage and IPTV solution to deliver a world-class experience for guests, Kelley continued, “We wanted to create a hotel with
technology that nobody else has and Tripleplay has the entire solution.”

Freedom of choice with Tripleplay 

Signature Lux, working with IT specialist Bright Horse, deployed a Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal solution in all guest rooms, complete with managed Google Chromecast support, and TripleSign Digital Signage in public spaces for enhanced experience, engagement and guest communications.

With the Tripleplay solution, Signature Lux has given its guests total freedom to watch what they want, when they want to watch it. Paul Kelley continued, “One of the significant things we noticed was when a guest stays at a hotel, they will watch whatever is on that hotel’s television guide, whether they want to or not, and what we wanted to do was to create a hotel that offered choice and a solution such as Tripleplay’s IPTV was a perfect fit.” 

With the Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal guests can access a wide variety of live TV channels and VOD content, whilst also supporting Google Chromecast, meaning not only do guests have the freedom to select from around 40 broadcast TV channels, they are also able to stream and watch personal media content from apps such as Netflix and YouTube, securely, on the in-room TV. 

As with all new technologies, security was a concern, but Tripleplay ensured the hotel was protected. Paul Kelley continued, “There is such a minimal configuration that’s required and so it’s easy to set up the security with Tripleplay within the rooms, I mean that’s a huge thing for us, to make sure that you know your next-door neighbour in the room next to you is not watching your content which as you know could be really problematic, but Tripleplay actually has the entire solution not just a component of it. 

An informative, welcoming arrival  

As well as using digital signage screens and automated check-in kiosks to welcome guests, Signature Lux is also able to
personalise in-room screens via integration between the Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal and the hotel’s PMS and create a guest compendium through its information pages.

Walda Meyer, General Manager at Signature Lux commented, “Tripleplay creates a digital brochure on our TVs for guests to use and we will also have a welcoming screen that is personalised for our guests when they arrive in the room which adds a great personal experience.” 

Signature Lux makes a habit of thinking outside the box, and has also chosen to take advantage of Tripleplay’s IP  streaming capabilities to keep travellers informed of conditions at one of the city’s key tourist stop offs. 

Paul Kelley explained, “Another feature, something we’ve done in Cape Town, allows guests to see what the weather is like on the top of Table Mountain because we can actually cast that straight into the TV system. This gives our guests in the hotel rooms an opportunity to see what the weather is going to be like before they even go.” 

Putting Signature Lux at the forefront of hotel technology 

Tripleplay’s platform allows Signature Lux to become a major player in the South African hotelier market, offering a
solution like no other in the country. Walda continued, “It is very important to work with companies like Tripleplay and Bright Horse. We are now one of the first hotels in the region to offer Google Chromecast support to guests and it is great to be able to offer guests a bespoke experience throughout their stay where they can watch Netflix, view their own photo
galleries and more.” 

Through the Tripleplay platform, Signature Lux is able to deliver an extensive amount of content to every guest that walks through its doors, offering a solution that is highly-customisable and easily adaptable to the growing market.

Signature  Lux can continue to expand in the highly-demanding hotel market through its technological advances and with the help from the Tripleplay solution, can continue to provide guests from around the globe with a first-class experience. 

Paul Kelley concludes, “Tripleplay has the entire solution. Their response time for assisting us is incredible. They are market leaders for digital signage and IPTV and they give us the value we need, to pass on to our customers.” 

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