Unlock your arena: ROI and the rise of the multi-purpose venue

Technology is hugely significant when ensuring high-quality visitor engagement in large venues and arenas. Establishing a comprehensive content delivery platform enables any venue or stadium to seamlessly adapt to a multitude of events happening on site. Whether delivering fan engagement in the concourse on match days or providing premium services at corporate conferences, utilising a single platform technology for every eventuality is paramount in driving revenues while maintaining user simplicity.

Anna Roberts, Marketing Manager for Tripleplay comments, “Tripleplay works with world-class sports and arena venues across the globe, time and time again beating fierce competition in the industry through its proven ability to dynamically change and deliver a wide variety of digital media content. True revenue generation potential can only be reached when a venue is fully multi-purpose and the technology installed supports a site’s vision to create a multifunctional and profitable business.”

Revenue Generation: Using digital signage screens as real-estate and generating a significant Return on Investment (ROI).

A digital signage platform, like Tripleplay, can be utilised to deliver social media feeds, recorded video content or live streams, whilst simultaneously being deployed in retail outlets promoting under-selling items, advertising local businesses in the concourse as an additional revenue stream and promoting offers as part of a digital menu board system in F&B.

These applications all help deliver ROI, whilst also providing the engagement platform a venue needs to better engage and entertain, thus enhancing the overall experience

Fan engagement: Offering a premium experience to fans, increasing dwell time and making sure people don’t just visit once but over and over again.

Using a digital signage and IPTV platform can offer the stadium operator the opportunity to build the experience beyond the match itself – drawing crowds in before and holding them afterwards. This improves concourse dwell time and maximises the opportunity for additional revenue from ticket holders.

Using digital screens to deliver premium or exclusive content before a match or event, fan videos, good F&B offers can make the venue the first stop of the day instead of a local bar. Likewise, displaying local real-time travel information (particularly if it’s bad news) and showing other content, live sports and highlights can keep fans in the stadium long after the end of the game.

The rise of multi-purpose: Utilising high capacity venues to engage visitors outside of just match days

The ability to be able to switch a sports stadium to a music venue or a corporate events facility opens up more revenue streams and more opportunities to engage with new and demographically different audiences. In most cases, the digital signage and IPTV infrastructure already exists; now venues need to take the next step in controlling the content delivery in order to maximise profitability.

Digital signage alongside complimentary AV technologies has the ability to completely transform the look, feel and experience of a venue, immersing visitors into the new and different environments that they can digitally create. Leveraging a dynamic and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) such as Tripleplay’s to seamlessly change content allows arenas to deliver a much wider variety of events than it was ever previously able to.