Samsung SSP Tizen

Secure, encrypted digital signage and IPTV with no Set Top Box or Media Player!

While there are a number of solutions for delivering digital signage to the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), Tripleplay is the world’s first Digital Signage solution to also deliver IPTV to the SSSP using Lync DRM security. Unique to us, this means that any deployment does not need external set top boxes or digital signage players or a separate decoder box to encrypt content when delivering to the Samsung SSP range; saving on cost and delivery complexity. 

Tripleplay’s Cloud Platform, TripleLite, is also available on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform range whilst our touch screen capabilities are supported across the Samsung SSP range too.

Samsung Smart Signage Platform


Samsung SSP

Supported Samsung SSP Models

BrightSign LS423

Samsung SSP 10″ Touch
Uni-touch Capability
Power over Ethernet
IPTV & Digital Signage

BrightSign XD Series

SSSP v.3
1080p resolution
Lynk DRM Encryption
Remote screen control
Up to 75″

BrightSign XT Series

SSSP v.6 Tizen
Up to 4K resolution
Lynk DRM Encryption
Digital Signage and IPTV
Interactive IPTV Portal
Screen control

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Tripleplay’s Digital Signage software platform on Samsung SSP delivers market leading features and flexibility, if you would like a demonstration of our integration get in touch or download our overview brochure.

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