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Maritime, Energy, Oil & Gas

Welfare of passengers and crew on any vessel or offshore rig is a high priority for all maritime organisations around the world. Crew often spend weeks and months in the open sea, isolating them from their family and friends and segregating them from the outside world. The challenge is to keep them happy and on-board morale high.

As well as delivering communications through our Digital Signage platform, our head end server takes satellite TV feeds from anywhere in the world, converts them into IP streams and delivers them to televisions, mobile devices and laptops across your network; never needing to touch the world wide web.

For maritime, energy, oil and gas our single digital media platform delivers;

  • On-Board staff communications.
  • Live TV in personal quarters and communal areas.
  • Video on Demand movie library access in personal quarters.
  • Digital Menu Boards in canteens.
  • Pre-set satellite configurations to enable seamless movement from region to region.

Tripleplay Maritime, Energy, Oil & Gas Solutions


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Digital Signage & IPTV

Our single platform Digital Signage and IPTV solution allows the delivery of advertising, communications, live TV streams and special events to all screens around a vessel, rig or camp.

Mobile Delivery

Enable your team to watch TV content on their mobile devices or laptops using the Tripleplay Media Video Player or the Mobile Media App, or securely download content to view off network.

Interactive IPTV Portal

Allow in-room Video on Demand, live TV and music access to your staff both on and off shore through our interactve IPTV portal. Our platform gives access to full electronic programme guides, special purchase packages and TV channels from any source.

Maritime Digital Signage