TripleShow Live Presenter lecture capture solution to be launched at Bett 2015

London, UK, 26/11/14: Adding to an already impressive array of educational technology solutions, Tripleplay today announces the arrival of TripleShow Live Presenter, a high quality lecture capture solution that enables any institution to record, stream and archive lectures or lessons simply and easily using a web browser for control.

Tripleplay’s existing IPTV distribution and Video on Demand platforms have enabled this technology application in the past, but with the release of TripleShow we have harnessed the power of existing tried, tested and trusted technologies to provide an even greater student and tutor experience at the lowest cost possible.

Integrating directly into the TripleChoice Media Portal, lectures can be quickly recorded, archived and streamed ready for access on any device on any network; with integration into Virtual Learning Environments (including Blackboard and Moodle) allowing the content to be provided to students in a familiar and simple manner.

Tripleplay’s CTO, Peter Martin, is delighted to add to an already impressive list of products; “Educators are real leaders in technological investment and adoption, driving change that many other industries avoid. So, it is important that people such as us are providing high quality solutions that cater to those needs.

“By introducing TripleShow we can now offer any school, college or university an entire, end-to-end, digital media learning platform, saving the need for expensive and time-consuming integration work and centralising all control and operation.”

Enabling the simultaneous recording of both a video image and presentation content, TripleShow ensures that the remote, revising or absent student is able to have as near an ‘in-class’ experience as possible.

Harnessing the power of Tripleplay’s tried and tested digital media technology, TripleShow is a wonderful addition to any existing Tripleplay solution and a world-class stand-alone teaching and learning product.